Motivational speakers are often seen in business gatherings and sessions to give a pep talk to the company’s employees. Sometimes they are also seen in decision-making events in schools, especially before high school is done and students must be given guidance in choosing future careers. Some are also invited to give speeches to ill people in the hospitals. There are also those who speak in a networking business, where people need to get motivated about their future endeavor in their lives. Hiring motivational speakers is always an option whenever there’s a need to light up a fire in the lives of seemingly down and depressed people. That is why speakers present their talks in a very energetic manner that makes the listeners want to take immediate action. A good motivational speaker provokes the desire of a listener to change him/herself. Once it happens, it may be said that the speaker is both passionate and effective.

Motivational speakersGiven these somewhat too-good-to-be-true characteristics of a motivational speaker, you may start wondering if hiring one would be a good option. Listed below are some of the things that you may want to take into consideration before trying to benefit from the miracles done by motivational speaker.

•    What does your audience need to hear?

–    Know the needs of your audience. In what way do they lack motivation? Is the issue focused on a specific aspect of their lives, or is it something rather general?

•    Who will be your speaker?

–    Your speaker should not just be someone who is great in speaking. He/she must at least connect with your audience. If your audience would be your business employees, then hire a speaker who doesn’t just know how to motivate and inspire, but also someone who has a say in business or at least involved in the type of work that your company is engaged in. You don’t want to hire someone who has a lot of form, but is lacking in substance.

•    Does the speaker have passion?

–    Your speaker must have passion. If he/she lacks it, find another. You cannot motivate people without being motivated yourself. A person is only qualified to talk about something or anything if he/she has already experienced it firsthand. No one will listen to someone who clearly doesn’t know what he/she is talking about. Everything will just go to waste. To teach passion, one must have passion. What’s the trick to knowing if your prospect speaker has passion? Talk with him/her and you’ll know.

•    How much will it cost you?

–    Speakers don’t ask for the same fees. Some provide their services free of charge, while others are synonymous with expensive rates. You don’t want to choose a speaker who is way out of your budget. There are still other things that you have to put your money on, especially now that you’re doing a conference, right? Choose wisely. Be practical.

•    Know your speaker.

–    The point is, you cannot really know someone in your first meeting or so. Judging him/her by the way he/she negotiates with you would be okay but listening to his/her previous speeches would be very good idea. This will give pretty much an idea on how your own event will go.

•    How will your speaker interact with your listeners?

–    Your speaker must talk to each and every individual in the room listening to him/her. He/she must make them see in their own eyes what life could be if only they are more motivated. Effective speakers are like this one. They spark someone’s thoughts and emotions.

•    What strategy will the speaker use?

–    Make sure that your speaker ends by challenging your audience. He/she must plant to their minds that there is a need for them to take action. He/she must leave an impression while delivering a call to action.

•    It is not (just) a job.

–    Being a motivational speaker is not a job. It is a lifestyle. It is an art expressed through words. It is a life-changing act, and that simple fact must not be taken for granted. During a speech, the speaker’s story is the listener’s story. Still, the goal is that one day, the listener will have the right to write and share his/her own story.

Hiring a motivational speaker can be a good idea but always keep in mind that true motivation comes from within. Also, being motivated to make the necessary changes to one’s life won’t matter until the necessary actions are actually carried out. Still, it pays to stay inspired.

motivationalHiring a motivational speaker can be a good idea but always keep in mind that true motivation comes from within.