The Evolution Of Patches

Patches have been incredibly important items throughout human history. Small though they may seem, they have always been relevant signifiers for important figure heads in every part of the world. Today, they are used all around the world in almost all sectors of society as items of identification. We take pride in the ones we manufacture, and for good reason—these small items hold so much more than what they look like.

The Significant Uses Of Patches :

People began using these in early civilizations to signify and show importance to leaders and other esteemed figures on their society. They used the fine art of decorating with fabric and thread, which was the precursor for the invention of these embroidered items. We see this in old relics such as clothing, tapestries, carpets, and other fabric items from ancient times. The complexity and intricacy of these designs lend themselves well to the art of making patches, as our items are quite small yet incredibly detailed.

PatchesAs the art of making these items evolved, so did their use. Not just for royals now, patches began to be used in the military and other similar sectors. They were made to place on an officer’s clothing and to display their rank and role in each department. They also began to be used in other factors of similar discipline, such as in the national scouts as well as in other government programs such as space programs.

We begin manufacturing them with a simple scrap of fabric and different colored threads. We cut out the intended shape of the patch from the fabric and, in some cases, we seal them with heat to avoid fraying (the alternative for method is to stitch over the ends so fraying can be avoided). We then stitch the design onto the fabric scrap using many different stitching methods such as the chain stitch. After the design is finished being stitched, adhesive is placed on the back of the patch so it can be stuck on clothing or any other item.

Before the modern age, these items were made by hand, being meticulously stitched by artists. However, with the introduction of computer technology and electronic sewing machines, we have revolutionized the manufacturing of these products, as our computers can tend to be more accurate and precise with stitching designs than humans.

This technology makes it easier for us to manufacture high quality products faster and more efficiently.

Patches today are being used most frequently by the government, in order to show an officer’s rank and role in each faction.For instance, the military will frequently use these on the uniforms of its officers and cadets so that each type of officer is easily identifiable to everyone. This also helps avoid confusion within departments, making operations more effective and flowing more smoothly. Police and fire departments will also use these to allow civilians to identify them quicker and more easily. This is useful not only in day-to-day situations, but in emergency instances—for example, when one is witnessing or even the victim of a crime or is in danger of any sort; it could even save a person’s life.

Iron On PatchesPatches may also be commemorative—they may be used to celebrate certain milestones, not only in a person’s life, but also in the lives of groups and organizations. We may also use them to mark an important achievement, such as the success of a mission. In national scouting organizations, these are commonly used to merit a scouts achievements and milestones. To scouts, these are symbols of betterment and improvement as a person and as a member of society.

Up to this day, these items are being used all around the world to identify, signify, celebrate, and decorate. At, we know that our products, despite how small they are, prove to be of great importance to everyone. They are, in themselves, an art form—one that has evolved through the ages, lasting from ancient civilizations to this very day.

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